Alaska Beyond Magazine on Fusing Indoor & Outdoor Living with Danzante Bay at the Islands of Loreto


While 30,000 feet in the sky this month, passengers of Alaska Airlines flights will be able to learn about a home design trend that is gracing residences from Danzante Bay, Mexico to Seattle, Washington: a fusion of in and outdoor living spaces. The March 2018 edition of Alaska Beyond magazine looks at examples in Danzante Bay at the Islands of Loreto, among others.

Room Extension

Sliding doors and walls of windows have proven an excellent way to bring the indoors together with nature, and one shining example may be found in new homeownership opportunities in Danzante Bay at the Islands of Loreto. “Luxury villas designed by Arizona-based architect Kevin B. Howard have a contemporary Baja style, with double-height ceilings and expansive walls of glass that open to stunning views.”

“It’s drawing off the Polynesian sensibility of the lanai as part of the home, as a place of gathering,” Jones adds.