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Owen Perry
The Villa Group

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Danzante Bay is far more than a crescendo in a living legacy as a developer, it is my chosen home.

When developer Owen Perry of The Villa Group took a well-deserved break aboard his yacht, escaping the electric culture of Cabo San Lucas, he found himself constantly returning to the peaceful bounty of Danzante Bay, with its unspoiled beaches and exquisite views over the Islands of Loreto. One day, while playing backgammon with his wife Jolene, he declared, “I think this is the next world-class resort destination, dear. This could be our home.” Both are proving true. 
Only a few years later, he not only built a family home in Danzante Bay, he broke ground on this 4,500-acre destination resort alongside his co-founding partner Luz Maria Torres of The Villa Group, whom he refers to as “One of the great pioneering women in Mexico’s tourism industry.” The duo, with cautious regulatory oversight, anchored the one-of-a-kind planned community in the middle of a protected nature reserve. With a streamlined ownership process that puts ocean property within easy reach of foreign nationals, interest in this unspoiled region has increased immensely. To that end, Danzante Bay at the Islands of Loreto is poised to release the first in a series of residential accomplishments for private stewardship. 

In keeping with his love for the nature and culture of Loreto, Perry has meticulously conceived of a community that uniquely encompasses mountain, canyon, beach and desert living while honoring its native land, and its people, through environmental initiatives and economic opportunity that is as sustainable as it is beautiful.  


Rees Jones

A graduate of Landscape Architecture from Harvard University (1963-64), Rees Jones is a legend in golf course design and a recognized industry leader, author and contributor to global media on the sport with a love for the game and a passion for creating unique golf club experiences around the world.


Kevin B. Howard

An Arizona native, Kevin Howard is an award-winning architect who combines the principles of modern design with a deep understanding of site planning, enduring materials and engineering to yield timeless and comfortable homes that are optimized for desert living.


Brad Walker

Former executive of Alaska Airlines, Brad Walker was a vanguard in Mexico’s tourism industry and remains a logistics consultant to The Villa Group and an industry expert on air servicing, development and second home ownership trends in Mexico.